Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Pam Spycher

2 Interactive Readaloud: A Powerful Technique for Young ELLs

Kristin Lems and Samar Abousalem

3 Scaffolding Academic Literacy in a Science Inquiry Project

Barbara Merino, Michelle Fortes, Laura Dubcovsky, and Joanne Galli-Banducci

4 An Integrated Perspective on the Dimensions of School Communication

Sarah Capitelli, Laura Alvarez, and Guadalupe Valdés

5 Reconstructing, Deconstructing, and Constructing Complex Texts 

Pam Spycher and Karin Linn-Nieves

6 Scaffolded Language Analysis

Danielle Garegnani

7 Heartbeats: Reading Informational Text in Depth in Grades 3–5

Linda New Levine

8 Helping ELLs Read and Write to Grade-Level Text 

Diane August and Erin Haynes

9 Older Emergent Bilinguals’ Academic Literacy Development

Sandra Mercuri and Natascha Yarussi

10 Beyond History: Glimpses Into the Past Through Picture Books

Judy O’Loughlin

11 Conclusion  

Pam Spycher