Table of Contents


1 Introduction 

Marta Civil and Erin E. Turner

2 Building on Student Language Resources During Classroom Discussions

Judit Moschkovich

3 Positioning ELLs to Develop Academic, Communicative, and Social Competencies in Mathematics 

Rachel J. Pinnow and Kathryn B. Chval

4 Supporting Emergent Bilingual Students to Move From Problem Solvers to Problem Posers

 Sylvia Celedón-Pattichis and Sandra Musanti

5 Integrating Communication in Common Core Mathematics for English Learners 

William Zahner and Craig Willey

6 Beyond Writing and Speaking: Broadening Mathematical Communication With English Language Learners 

Anthony Fernandes, Marta Civil, and Leslie H. Kahn

7 Fostering Mathematical Discourse With Socratic Seminars 

Angela Thompson and Alexander Radosavljevic

8 Bilingual Latina/o Students Model Community Practices Using Familiar Resources 

Carlos A. LópezLeiva

9 Scaffolding in Mathematical Modeling for ELLs 

Cynthia Oropesa Anhalt

10 Innovative Pedagogy for ELLs: Introducing the Discursive Assessment Protocol 

Richard Kitchen