Applications of Task-Based Learning in TESOL

Ali Shehadeh and Christine Coombe, Volume Editors

Table of Contents

Series Editors’ Preface

CHAPTER 1 : Introduction: From Theory to Practice in Task-Based Learning
Ali Shehadeh and Christine Coombe

Innovative Applications

CHAPTER 2: Talking It Up: A Small-Group Discussion Task for the Classroom
Gregory Strong

CHAPTER 3: An EFL Dictogloss Task: Three Teachers, Three Contexts, Three Perspectives
Steven Herder, Mark A. de Boer, and Kirsten A. Anderson

CHAPTER 4: Cooperation, Communication, and Critical Thinking Through Content-Based Investigative Tasks
R. T. Olivia Limbu and Tara A. Waller

CHAPTER 5: Task-Based Cultural Awareness Raising Through Learner Ethnographies
Andrew Reimann

CHAPTER 6: Poetry in Second Language Task-Based Learning
Patrick Rosenkjar

CHAPTER 7: Task-Based Templates for Multilevel Classes
Jennifer M. Herrin


CHAPTER 8: Multitasked Student Video Recording 
Tim Murphey and Jodie Sakaguchi

CHAPTER 9: Learning Through CALLaborative Projects Using Web 2.0 Tools
Carla Arena and Erika Cruvinel

CHAPTER 10: The Harmonica Project: Task-Based Learning Beyond Words
Betty Litsinger

Evaluation, Testing, and Assessment

CHAPTER 11: I Can! Bringing Self-Evaluation to a Task-Based Syllabus for Language Learning Success
Jan Edwards Dormer

CHAPTER 12: Knowing Who’s in Your Audience: Task-Based Testing of Audience Awareness
Betty Lanteigne

CHAPTER 13: Assessing Task-Based Activity in a Speech Training Class
Aiden Yeh

CHAPTER 14: Using Online Tasks for Formative Language Assessment
Paula M. Winke