Authenticity in the Language Classroom and Beyond: Adult Learners

TESOL Classroom Practice Series

Sarah Rilling and Maria Dantas-Whitney, Volume Editors

Table of Contents

Series Editors’ Preface
CHAPTER 1: Introduction: Authenticity, Creativity, and Localization in Language Learning
Sarah Rilling and Maria Dantas-Whitney

Authentic Design: Tasks, Materials, and Curricula

CHAPTER 2: Where Can I Get My Shoe Fixed? Authentic Tasks for Students in EFL Settings
Jan Edwards Dormer
CHAPTER 3: Sharing Our Culture With Visitors: English for Tour Guides
Janet M. D. Higgins
CHAPTER 4: Oh, the Places You’ll Go: Creating a Class City Guide
Laura Ramm
CHAPTER 5: Magazine as Project-Based Learning
Hoang Thi Ngoc Diem
CHAPTER 6: Language Training à la Carte
Peggy Allen Heidish

Authentic Language: Skills, Content, and Culture

CHAPTER 7: Using Authentic Texts to Facilitate Culturally Relevant Extensive Reading Programs in Tajikistan
Lori Fredricks
CHAPTER 8: The English of Math—It’s Not Just Numbers!
Kathy Ewing and Bill Huguelet
CHAPTER 9: Readers’ Theater: Turbo-Charged Language Acquisition
Gary Carkin, Sarah Dodson-Knight, Alexis Gerard Finger, Silvia Rodriguez Spence, Nigel A. Caplan and Judy Trupin
CHAPTER 10: Inexpensive, Effective ESP Material Development for the EFL Classroom
Marvin D. Hoffland and Oswald Jochum

Authentic Connections: Community Partnerships

CHAPTER 11: Exploring the Global Landscape Through Language and Service Learning
Beth Kozbial Ernst and Megan Allen
CHAPTER 12: Creating a Technical Career ESL Program Through Community Partnerships
Gilda Rubio-Festa and Rebeca Fernández
CHAPTER 13: Climate Change and Other Hot Topics on Campus: Project-Based Learning
Marianne Stipe and Lora Yasen
CHAPTER 14: This Class Is a Disaster: Public Information, Natural Disasters, and the ESL Classroom in the United States
Christopher Miles and Bill Powell

Authentic Purpose, Authentic Medium: Technology in Language Learning

CHAPTER 15: The Times They Are A-Changin’: Strategies for Exploiting Authentic Materials in the Language Classroom
Alex Gilmore
CHAPTER 16: Lights, Camera, Action: Scripts for Language Learning
Gregory Strong
CHAPTER 17: Authentic Video as Passport to Cultural Participation and Understanding
Christopher Stillwell
CHAPTER 18: Sharing the Food and Fun Through Restaurant Review Blogs: An Integrated-Skills Project Approach
Timothy R. Healy
CHAPTER 19: Using Wikis for Collaborative Writing and Intercultural Learning
Geoffrey P.J. Lawrence, Terry Compton, Clayton Young, and Hazel Owen
CHAPTER 20: Developing Specialized Discourse Resources for International Teaching Assistants Using a Multimedia Wiki
Barbara Gourlay, David Kanig, Joan Lusk, and Stewart Mader
CHAPTER 21: I Tube . . . Do YouTube? Virtual Portfolios for Reflective Learning and Peer Review
Kathleen Snyder-Parampil and Joel Hensley
CHAPTER 22: Medical Doctors Using Authentic Webcast Lectures to Learn Lexical Phrases
Susan Olmstead-Wang