Authenticity in the Language Classroom and Beyond: Children and Adolescent Learners

TESOL Classroom Practice Series

Maria Dantas-Whitney and Sarah Rilling, Volume Editors

Table of Contents

Series Editors’ Preface
CHAPTER 1: Authenticity and the Sociocultural Context of Children and Adolescent Language Learners
Maria Dantas-Whitney and Sarah Rilling

Part I: Authenticity Through Design: Content, Tasks, and Materials

CHAPTER 2: Once Upon a Time . . . Happily Ever After: Teaching English Through Literature
Patti Lucas and Claudia Thorndike

CHAPTER 3: Is It Trash or Curriculum? Using Environmental Print to Teach Literacy Skills
F. J. “Harvey” Oaxaca

CHAPTER 4: Adding Up Language With Math Fairytales
Ann McCallum

Teaching Science to ESL Students: Enhance—Not Simplify—the Science
Phillip Markley and Marilyn Lawson

Authentic Tasks for Effective Learning: When Is an Apple Not an Apple?
Lilia Savova

Part II: Authenticity Through Technology: Digital Media and the Internet

CHAPTER 7: Authenticity in Word, Image, Voice: Digital Storytelling With Adolescent English Language Learners
Judith Rance-Roney and Martha Young

CHAPTER 8: DVD in the EFL Classroom Stands for Dynamic, Vibrant, and Didactic
Silvia Laborde

Weblogs and Academic Literacy Development: Expanding Audiences and Linguistic Repertoires
Dong-Shin Shin, Meg Gebhard, and Wendy Seger

CHAPTER 10: Can Blogs and Other Web-Based Communication Tools Bring Authenticity to the Foreign Language Classroom?
Teresa Almeida d’Eça

CHAPTER 11: They Write the Songs: How Students Compose, Record, and Podcast Their Own Songs to the World
Kevin McCaughey

Part III: Authenticity Through Action: Service Learning

CHAPTER 12: Connect to Success: The New Kids on the Block Meet Their College Counterparts
Barbara J. Hall and Cheryl M. Benz

CHAPTER 13: Connecting Students to Global Issues Through Local Action
David White-Espin and Kim Rakow Bernier

Part IV: Authenticity in Context: Diverse Realities and Local Practices

CHAPTER 14: Authenticity in Marginalized EFL Contexts
Peter Sayer

Using Drawing, Photography, and Drama to Enhance English Language Learning in Uganda
Maureen Kendrick, Shelley Jones, Harriet Mutonyi, & Bonny Norton

Beyond the Classroom: Summer Language Camp in China
Evie R. Tindall, Mervyn J. Wighting, and Deanna L. Nisbet

Part V: Authenticity Beyond the Classroom: Parental Involvement and Peer Relations

Bilingual Family Literacy Nights: A First-Grade Story
Shannon Gabriel and Karie Mize

Sticks and Stones: Preventing Bullying in the Elementary School
Joann Frechette and Judie Haynes