Effective Second Language Writing

TESOL Classroom Practice Series

Susan Kasten, Volume Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editors’ Preface
CHAPTER 1: No Matter Where We’ve Been, Here We Are!
Susan Kasten

Designing Writing Tasks

CHAPTER 2: Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay: A Content-First Approach
Nigel A. Caplan

CHAPTER 3: Modern Heroes: From Content to Composition via Critical and Creative Thinking
Linda Forrester

CHAPTER 4: Writing to Embody: Engaging Students in Written Role Play
Shawna Shapiro

CHAPTER 5: Using Second Language Learning as Content in a University ESL Writing Course
Mark A. James

CHAPTER 6: Meaningful Writing Opportunities in the Community College: 
The Cultural and Linguistic Autobiography Writing Project
Gloria Park

CHAPTER 7: Media Participation as an End Point for Authentic Writing and 
Autonomous Learning
Stephen Soresi

Focusing on Academic and Professional Writing Skills

CHAPTER 8: Multitext Synthesizing in Research Writing
Amina M. B. Megheirbi

CHAPTER 9: A Process–Genre Approach to Teaching Writing to Medical Science Graduate Students
Miao Yang

CHAPTER 10: “It May Be Possible” to Teach the Use of Hedging in EFL University Writing
Jingjing Qin and Erkan Karabacak

CHAPTER 11: Service Learning and Writing With a Purpose
Denise Vaughn

CHAPTER 12: From the Classroom to the Boardroom: Grammar and Style Across Genres in ESL Professional Writing
Jennifer Haan and Karyn Mallett

Enhancing Critical Writing Skills

Discourse Analysis: Bridging the Gap Between Linguistic Theory and Classroom Practice in Writing Classes
Peter McDonald

CHAPTER 14: A Case for Writer-Generated Annotation
Holli Schauber

Utilizing Technology in Writing Curriculum

Wiki Writing Web: Development of a Web Site to Improve Writing Motivation in Exam Courses
Christopher A. Baldwin

CHAPTER 16: A Chain Story Blog
Najla Malaibari

CHAPTER 17: Authentic English Through the Computer: Corpora in the ESOL Writing Classroom
Vander Viana

Re-visioning, Revising, and Editing ESL Compositions

CHAPTER 18: Revising the Revision Process with Google Docs: A Classroom-Based 
Study on Revision in Second Language Writing
Soo Hyon Kim

CHAPTER 19: Great Expectations: Whose Job Is This Anyway?
Donald Weasenforth, Margaret Redus, and Nancy Ham Megarity