Explorations in Second Language Reading

TESOL Classroom Practice Series

Roger Cohen, Volume Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editors’ Preface
CHAPTER 1: Emphasizing Reading in the ESOL Classroom
Roger Cohen

CHAPTER 2: Purposeful Reading
Frank Noji, Shawn Ford, and Anthony Silva

CHAPTER 3: Building Reading Abilities With Graphic Organizers
Xiangying Jiang and William Grabe

CHAPTER 4: P4 + C: Cracking the Culture Code in “Story”
Jennifer Jabareen

CHAPTER 5: Reading the World in L1 and L2
Sara Expósito and Alejandra Favela

CHAPTER 6: Making the Most of Literature Circles: Effective Literature Discussions for the EFL Classroom
Hadija Drummond

CHAPTER 7: Beggars Can Be Choosers!
Deepti Gupta

CHAPTER 8: Reading “Between the Lines” of Academic Texts
Shawna Shapiro

CHAPTER 9: Developing Pragmatic Competence for Critical Academic Reading
Roger Nunn

CHAPTER 10: Maximizing ESL Freshman Readers’ Skills With Online Instruction
Reima Al-Jarf

CHAPTER 11: Designing Materials for EAP Students: A Balanced Approach to Reading
Esmat Babaii and Hasan Ansary

CHAPTER 12: The Play’s the Thing: Using Drama for Pleasurable Reading and Genuine Communication
Natalie Hess

CHAPTER 13: Teaching the Text Sdrawkcab: Moving Beyond Educational Fads
Margret M. Guntren