Insights on Teaching Speaking in TESOL

TESOL Classroom Practice Series

Tim Stewart, Volume Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editors’ Preface

CHAPTER 1: Introduction: The Practice of Teaching Speaking in the 21st Century
Tim Stewart

Focus on Materials Development and Implementation

CHAPTER 2: Exploring Values in English Through a Dilemma-Based Story
William Perry      

CHAPTER 3: Authentic iBT Speaking Practice Using Open-Source Voice-Recording Software
Dana Saito-Stehberger and Jee-Eun Oh

CHAPTER 4: Reinforcing Grammar and Vocabulary Learning With High-Volume Speaking Activities
Kevin McCaughey           

CHAPTER 5: Young Learners’ Use of English: Imitation or Production?
Bärbel Diehr
CHAPTER 6: Reframing and Reconstructing Situational Dialogues: Scaffolding Speaking Tasks for English for Occupational Purposes
Yoshihito Sugita   

CHAPTER 7: An Experimental Application of the Problem-Posing Approach for English Language Teaching in Vietnam
Hoa Thi Mai Nguyen       

CHAPTER 8: From Podcasting to YouTube: How to Make Use of Internet 2.0 for Speaking Practice
Robert Chartrand

CHAPTER 9: (Re)Cycling Speaking Tasks on the Road to Pedagogical Renewal: Drama in the ESOL Classroom
Tim Stewart         

Focus on Public Speaking

CHAPTER 10: Data and Donuts: Preparing Graduate Students in Language Education to Speak at Conferences
Jessie Carduner and Sarah Rilling          

CHAPTER 11: A Holistic, Humanistic Approach to Developing Public Speaking Skills Through Speech Mentoring
Amanda Bradley  

CHAPTER 12: PowerPoint or Posters for EAP Students’ Presentation Skills Development?
Caroline Brandt   

Focus on Feedback & Assessment

CHAPTER 13: The Speaking Log: A Tool for Posttask Feedback
Tony Lynch          

CHAPTER 14: Demystifying Presentation Grading Through Student-Created Scoring Rubrics
Jeff Popko           

CHAPTER 15: Practical Strategies for Assessing Students’ Oral Speeches Through Vlogs
Aiden Yeh 

CHAPTER 16: Promoting Oral Proficiency Through In-Class Speaking Tests
Stephen Soresi     

CHAPTER 17: Taking Pronunciation Further With Oral Journals
Joann Chernen