Language Games:
Innovative Activities for Teaching English

Maureen Snow Andrade, Volume Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editors’ Preface

CHAPTER 1: Language Games—In Celebration of Creativity!
Maureen Snow Andrade

Part 1: Skills Focus

Reading and Writing

CHAPTER 2: Storyboarding for the Oscars
Shane Dixon

CHAPTER 3: WARTS (Writing Activities Require Time and Satisfaction)
Nancy Tarawhiti

CHAPTER 4: What Is It?
Belinda Ho 

CHAPTER 5: Who’s the Best Detective?
Nancy Ackles

CHAPTER 6: Pass It On! Writing Games
Robb Mark McCollum 

Listening and Speaking

CHAPTER 7: In the Director’s Shoes: Bridging Meaning and Pleasure in an English Language Teaching Game
Vander Viana

CHAPTER 8: Tabletop Role-Playing Games
Johansen Quijano 

CHAPTER 9: PodQuests: Language Games on the Go
Hayo Reinders and Marilyn Lewis 

CHAPTER 10:  The Survey Game
Kevin Cross and Patricia Pashby 


CHAPTER 11:  Let’s Go Shopping
Hyacinth Gaudart 

CHAPTER 12:  Collocations in the Foreseeable Future
Rachel Adams Goertel and Carole Adams 

CHAPTER 13:  Urban Myths: Fact or Fiction?
Timothy Doe

CHAPTER 14:  Speaking Through Art
Barnaby Ralph 

CHAPTER 15:  Define Your Terms!
Michael Shehane and Michael Moraga


CHAPTER 16:  Treasure Hunting With Grammar
 Xiao Lan Curdt-Christiansen 

CHAPTER 17:  Nice Tower, But It May Fall Down: A Game for Teaching Modals of Probability
Mark Wolfersberger 

CHAPTER 18:  The Teacher’s Choice Game
Karen Hilgeman

CHAPTER 19:  What’s the Problem?
Leong Ping Alvin 

Part 2: Beyond Skills 

Game Templates 

CHAPTER 20:  Pass the Clothespin: Cleaning Up in the ESL Classroom
Amanda A. B. Wallace 

CHAPTER 21:  On-the-Spot Games From Student Content
Kevin McCaughey 

CHAPTER 22:  Energize and Educate!
Karen Hilgeman 

CHAPTER 23:  Do-It-Yourself Games
Susan Kelly 

Get Acquainted 

CHAPTER 24:  BINGO: Building Interest and Negotiation Through Games From the Outset
Mary E. Hillis 

CHAPTER 25:  Flags of Ourselves: Using Student-Generated Props in the Classroom
Chad Kallauner 

Content-Based Instruction 

CHAPTER 26:  Add, Mix, and Shake: Content, Vocabulary, and Games in the Language Classroom
Lan Hue Quach and Scott P. Kissau 

CHAPTER 27:  Using Common Language Games in a Science and Technology Curriculum
Lindsay Miller and Samuel Wu

CHAPTER 28:  The Business Apprentice
Kimberly S. Rodriguez and Susan M. Barone

Critical Thinking

CHAPTER 29:  Logical Use of Logic Puzzles
Kurtis McDonald

CHAPTER 30:  Three Games to Exercise the Brain
Alexander Sokol, Edgar Lasevich and Marija Dobrovolska