Integrating Language and Content

TESOL Classroom Practice Series

Jon Nordmeyer and Susan Barduhn, Volume Editors

Table of Contents

Series Editors’ Preface
CHAPTER 1: At the Intersection of Language and Content
Jon Nordmeyer

Why Do Teachers Design Courses to Integrate Language and Content?

CHAPTER 2: Content for Change: Integrating Radical and Socially Relevant Content Into a Business English Curriculum
Sedia Dennis

CHAPTER 3: Danger Learning: Experiencing ESL Through Conflict Resolution Techniques
Christopher Stillwell

CHAPTER 4: A Pound of Prevention: Health Literacy for Beginning-Level Adult English Language Learners
Susan Dalmas and Judy Trupin

CHAPTER 5: Does Content and Language Integrated Learning Work With Young Learners? 
Elena Pratissoli

How Do Teachers Integrate Language and Content?

CHAPTER 6: Two Birds, One Stone: Using Academic Informant Projects as English for Academic Purposes Content
Shawna Shapiro

CHAPTER 7: A Short Course on the Miniskirt: Providing a Language Toolkit for University Instructors in Turkey 
Steve Darn

CHAPTER 8: Opening the Door: Making Mathematics Accessible to English Language Learners
Anita Bright

CHAPTER 9: Links in a Food Chain: Guiding Inquiry in Science for English Language Learners
David T. Crowther, Lori Fulton, Joaquín S. Vilá, and Eric Hoose

CHAPTER 10: Building Bridges Between Language and Content in Religious Education 
Rosie Tanner and Lorna Dunn

How Do Teachers Evaluate Language and Content Learning?

CHAPTER 11: Big Ideas in Little Pieces: Science Activities for Multilevel Classes Ann K. Fathman and Patricia A. Nelson

CHAPTER 12: Exploration: One Journey of Integrating Content and Language Objectives
Kate Mastruserio Reynolds

CHAPTER 13: Blending Digital Media and Web 2.0 in an English Advertising Class
Aiden Yeh

CHAPTER 14: Developing Language Skills While Studying Cultural Identity
Pavel V. Sysoyev and Stephanie R. Funderburg-Foreman

How Do Teachers Collaborate to Integrate Language and Content?

CHAPTER 15: What Counts as Good Math Instruction for English Language Learners
Kimberly Hunt and Linda Walsleben

CHAPTER 16: Sustained Content-Based Academic English Teaching Through Paired English and Philosophy Courses
Jerry Spring

CHAPTER 17: Motivating Students to Develop Their English Literacy Skills Through Science
Eilidh Hamilton