Using Textbooks Effectively

TESOL Classroom Practice Series

Lilia Savova, Volume Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editors’ Preface

CHAPTER 1: Textbook Use as Part of the ESOL Classroom Ecosystem: Teaching the Students, Not the Book
Lilia Savova

CHAPTER 2: Thinking Out of the Textbook: Toward Authenticity and Politeness Awareness
Clarice S. C. Chan

CHAPTER 3: Updating the Science Textbook to Help English Language Learners Integrate Science and Technology
Eileen N. Whelan Ariza, Philomena Marinaccio-Eckel, and Elena Webb

CHAPTER 4: Learning to Read and Reading to Learn From a Science Textbook
Marietta Bradinova

CHAPTER 5: Speaking the Reading: Orally Reconstructing Written Texts
Christopher Stillwell

CHAPTER 6: The Case of a Playful Text
Madhavi Gayathri Raman and Vijaya

CHAPTER 7: Adapting a Japanese High School Textbook to Teach Reading Microskills Communicatively
Patrick Rosenkjar

CHAPTER 8: Beyond the Book: Using Teacher–Learner Co-constructed Texts to Supplement ESOL Textbooks
Graeme Ritchie

CHAPTER 9: A Choice-Motivated, Textbook-Anchored Curriculum for Advanced Language Learners
Natalie Hess

CHAPTER 10: Macroadaptations of Textbooks for Particular Classroom Settings
Jia Zhimei, Xu Mengqing, Li Ning, and Li Hailin

CHAPTER 11: Working With Texts to Develop ESOL Reading Strategies
Deoksoon Kim

CHAPTER 12: Unlocking the Visual Puzzle: Understanding Textbook Design
Tammy R. Jones and Gabriela Kleckova