Assessment Practices

Christine A. Coombe and Nancy J. Hubley, Editors

Table of Contents

Series Editor's Preface

INTRODUCTION: Themes in Language Assessment
Christine A. Coombe and Nancy J. Hubley

Part 1: Comprehensive Assessment

CHAPTER 1: Creating a Complete Language-Testing Program
James Dean Brown

Part 2: Curriculum Washback

CHAPTER 2: Developing an English Proficiency Test for Japanese Secondary Students 
Caryl Lyons, Sandra Bolton, and Stephen Gaies

CHAPTER 3: Deconstructing the Making of Japanese University Entrance Exams
Tim Murphey and Kazuyoshi Sato

CHAPTER 4: Cooperative ESP Assessment at a Japanese University 
Mitchell Goodman

Part 3: In-Program Assessment

CHAPTER 5: Linking Assessments With Instruction in a Multilingual Elementary School 
Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher

CHAPTER 6: From Paper and Pencil to the Web: A Testing and Technology Partnership 
Greta J. Gorsuch and Katherine A. Austin

CHAPTER 7: Beyond the Individual Speaker in New Zealand
Helen Basturkmen

CHAPTER 8: A Quest for the Perfect Portfolio 
Barbara Dogger, Jeff Moy, and Manny Nogami

Part 4: End-of-Program Assessment

CHAPTER 9: Multiple-Measures Assessment: Using Visas to Assess Students' Achievement of Learning Outcomes 
Peter Davidson and David Dalton

CHAPTER 10: Assessing English for Employment in Hong Kong 
Tom Lumley and David Qian

Part 5: Program Evaluation

CHAPTER 11: A Curriculum Review of an ESL Composition Program
Edwina S. Carreon

CHAPTER 12: Evaluation of Training in an ELT Project in Egypt 
Barbara Thornton, Robert Burch, and Dina El-Araby

CHAPTER 13: Consensus, Control, and Continuity in a University ESOL Program 
James Campbell, Julie Howard, Judith A. Kent, Ana King, Kristin Lems, and Gale Stam