Developing a New Course for Adult Learners

TESOL Curriculum Development Series

Marguerite Ann Snow and Lia Kamhi-Stein, Volume Editors

Kathleen Graves, Curriculum Development Series Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editor’s Preface



CHAPTER 1: Developing a New Course for Adults: Transforming Challenges into Solutions
Marguerite Ann snow and Lia D. Kamhi-Stein

CHAPTER 2: Candidates in Camouflage:  Designing A Proficiency Test Preparation Course for the Slovenian Armed Forces
Jane E. Hardy

CHAPTER 3: A Novice’s Experience at Designing a Course for Adults
M. Camino Bueno Alastuey

CHAPTER 4: ESL Meets Nursing: Developing an English for Nursing Course
Susan Bosher

CHAPTER 5: Seizing the Opportunity for Change: The Business Preparation Program, a New Pathway to Gain Direct Entry into Macquarie University
Cintia Ines Agosti

CHAPTER 6: American English as Cultural Expression: Designing a New Course in Linguistic Analysis of Culture for EFL Undergraduates in Japan
Patrick Rosenkjar

CHAPTER 7: Developing a Corpus-Based Academic Reading Course
Yasemin Kırkgöz

CHAPTER 8: Animals in the Language Classroom? Teaching English and Critical Thinking in a Social Issues Class
Heidi Evans

CHAPTER 9: English in Academic Settings: A Postgraduate Course for Students from Non-English-Speaking Backgrounds
Lindy Woodrow

CHAPTER 10: Curriculum at the Next Level
Kate M. Donley

CHAPTER 11: ESL Students Bring You the World: Creating a Project-Driven Course for Adult Immigrant ESL Students
Saskia E. Akyil

CHAPTER 12: Welcome to My Web: Preparing Second Language Students for College and University Academic Settings through Information Literacy and the Internet
Matthew Pizzorno

CHAPTER 13: Let’s Participate: Designing a Civics Course for Adult Migrants
Pam McPherson and Denise E. Murray


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