Revitalizing a Curriculum for School-Age Learners

TESOL Language Curriculum Development Series

David Hayes and Judy Sharkey, Volume Editors

Kathleen Graves, Series Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editor’s Preface

CHAPTER 1. Introduction: Revitalizing a Curriculum for School-Age Learners: A Multidirectional, Regenerative Dynamic
David Hayes and Judy Sharkey

CHAPTER 2. Revitalizing Curriculum: A United Arab Emirates Perspective
Matthew Clarke and Kay Gallagher

CHAPTER 3. High Hopes for Self-Access Learning at Two Secondary Schools in Thailand
Richard Watson Todd, Sonthida Keyuravong, and Kullakan Suthidara

CHAPTER 4. Weaving Meaning Into ESOL Curriculum Using Thematic Matrices
Janet L. Pierce

CHAPTER 5. Revitalizing Language Learning Through Cross-Curricular Integration
Carla Johnson and Suzanne Webster

CHAPTER 6. A Mosaic of Change: An ESL Program’s Journey to Meet the Challenges of Educating NNES Students
Barbara Fagan and Deanna Benavides

CHAPTER 7. From a Spectrum of Language Learners to a Rainbow of Harmony: The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme
Diane S. Pressman and Eileen N. Whelan Ariza

CHAPTER 8. Learning From Families for Curricular Change
Margaret Hawkins, Caroline Johnson, Kelly Jones, and Lynn Legler

CHAPTER 9. Living Things Are Interdependent: An Ecological Perspective on Curriculum Revitalization
Judy Sharkey and Lynn Cade

CHAPTER 10. Curriculum Revitalization in a Japanese High School: Teacher–Teacher and Teacher–University Collaboration
Kazuyoshi Sato and Keiko Takahashi

CHAPTER 11. Despacito por las Piedras—Slowly Among the Stones: Implementing Innovative Classroom Projects in Chile
Penny Kinnear, Jane Hill, Monique Pigeon-Abolins, Maria Andrea Arancibia, Karen Candia Hormazabal, and Nayaret Toro Soto

CHAPTER 12. Reviving, Revising, or Revolutionising? Supplementing Coursebook Teaching With Internet-Based Instruction
Jaroslaw Krajka

CHAPTER 13. Learning English in China for Today: Revitalizing a Curriculum Through Task-Based Learning
Ronggan Zhang

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