Teaching English as a Foreign Language
in Primary School

Mary Lou McCloskey, Janet Orr, and Marlene Dolitsky, Volume Editors

Jill Burton, Case Studies in TESOL Practice Series Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editor’s preface

CHAPTER 1:  Introduction
Mary Lou McCloskey, Janet Orr, and Marlene Dolitsky

Part 1: Approaches to Primary EFL Program Development

CHAPTER 2:  Multilingualism in the Educational System in Valencia, Spain
Carmen Pinilla-Padilla

CHAPTER 3:  Leading the Way in the New Millennium:  An Integrated Multiage EFL Program in Taiwan
Yi-Hsuan Gloria Lo

CHAPTER 4:  Pass It On: English in the Primary Schools of Coahuila, Mexico
Elsa Patricia Jimenez Flores

CHAPTER 5:  The Long and Winding Road:  A Profile of Italian Primary EFL Teachers
Lucilla Lopriore

Part 2:  Primary EFL Curriculum and Classroom Practices

CHAPTER 6:  Teaching EFL at the Primary Level in Turkey
Yasemin Kýrkgöz

CHAPTER 7:  Flavoring the Salt:  Teaching English in Primary Schools in India
Jayashree Mohanraj

CHAPTER 8:  Is Grade 3 Too Early to Teach EFL in Vietnam?
Ha Van Sinh

CHAPTER 9:  A Local Approach to Global English:  A Bulgarian EFL Model Based on International Children’s Culture
Lilia Savova

Part 3:  Teacher Development for Primary EFL

CHAPTER 10:  Developing Teachers in the Developing World of Sri Lanka
David Hayes

CHAPTER 11:  The Pyramid Scheme:  Implementing Activity-Based Communicative Language Teaching and Supervision With Primary Teacher Educators in Egypt
Mary Lou McCloskey, Linda New Levine, Barbara Thornton, and Zeinab El Naggar

CHAPTER 12:  The French Communicative Connection: Catching Up
Marlene Dolitsky

CHAPTER 13:  EFL Teacher Training for South Korean Elementary School Teachers
Sung-Hee Park

CHAPTER 14:  Enabling Effective Practices in the Teaching and Learning of English in Hong Kong
Gertrude Tinker Sachs and Tony Mahon