ESL and Digital Video Integration: Case Studies

Table of Contents


Jim Cummins

Chapter 1 TESOL and Digital Video Media Integration in the Classroom: Introduction 

Jia Li

Chapter 2 Revisiting Communicative Competence in the Multimedia ELT Classroom 

Heather Lotherington and Natalia Sinitskaya Ronda

Chapter 3 Child Second Language Learners and Videomaking in Three Sites: Opportunities for Developing Multilingual, Multimodal Literacies 

Kelleen Toohey and Diane Dagenais

Chapter 4 Mediating Identities: Digital Identity projects in an ESL Classroom 

Allyson Eamer and Janette Hughes

Chapter 5 English Learning Through Arts, Music, and Digital Media: A Photostory Project

Aiden Yeh

Chapter 6 A Project-Based Approach to Vocabulary Acquisition: Filmmaking With ESL Students

Jia Li and Brenda McComb

Chapter 7 Challenging EFL Learners Through TV Advertising and Student-Produced Multimedia Projects

Joyce Cunningham

Chapter 8 Female Arab Students’ Production of Cell Phone Videos to Enhance English Skills

Nicolas Gromik

Chapter 9 Video as an Instructional Tool for ESL Learners in the United States: A Review of Previous Research

Nicholas Edwards, Jingjing Jiang, Peizhao Li, and Jia Li


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