Global English Teaching and Teacher Education: Praxis and Possibility

Seran Dogancay-Aktuna and Joel Hardman, Editors

Table of Contents

Editors’ Preface

Section 1: Resistance to Inner Circle and Local Standards of English

CHAPTER 1: English Language Teachers and Teacher Education in Pakistan
Ahmar Mahboob and Mubina Talaat

CHAPTER 2: A Clash of Standards in Education: Global Versus Sri Lankan English
Manique Gunesekera

CHAPTER 3: The Role of English and Indigenous Languages in Teacher Education in the Ghanaian Context
Shinian Wu and Laura VanderBroek

Section 2: Changing Attitudes Toward English

CHAPTER 4: Nonnative-English-Speaking TESOL Teacher Educators: A Profile From Turkey
Seran Dogancay-Aktuna

CHAPTER 5: The Beliefs and Dilemmas of Turkish Prospective Teachers of English
Derin Atay

CHAPTER 6: The Effects of Studying Abroad on Self-Perceptions of Catalan EFL Teaching
Enric Llurda

Section 3: Situated English Language Teaching Pedagogy

CHAPTER 7: The Indirect Method: Code Switching in a Bilingual Classroom in India
Viniti Vaish

CHAPTER 8: Teaching in Two Languages: An Elementary English Language Program in South Korea
Hyun-Sook Kang

CHAPTER 9: Local Investigations of Global English in Germany
Elizabeth J. Erling

Conclusion: Praxis and Possibilities
Seran Dogancay-Aktuna and Joel Hardman