Language Teaching Insights From Other Fields: 

Sports, Arts, Design, and More

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Enhancing Teaching With the Fruits of Distant Fields
Christopher Stillwell

Recontextualizing the Language Classroom

Chapter 2: How Would a Bartender Create a Safe,Social, and Supportive Classroom Environment?
Andrew Boon
Chapter 3: What Can We Learn From Martial Arts Masters
About Practice Techniques and Learning Environments?
 Anne Paonessa
Chapter 4: How Would a Role-Playing Game Master
Engage Learners in the Quest for Knowledge?
Roger Dupuy

Dealing With Challenges

Chapter 5: What Does It Mean to Be aWhitewater Language Teacher?
Karen Blinder
Chapter 6: How Would a Zen Master Bring Compassion, Equanimity,
and Choiceless Awareness to the Language Classroom?
John Spiri

Teaching the Four Skills

Chapter 7: How Would a Restaurant ReviewerCritique Student Writing?
Sylvia Whitman
Chapter 8: What Can We Learn From Certified Ski Instructors
About Teaching Academic Speaking Skills?
Li-Shih Huang
Chapter 9: How Would an Actor Teach Language Learners
to Improvise and Fluently Speak the Speech?
Christopher Stillwell
Chapter 10: How Would an Architect Such as Frank Gehry
Design Language Learning Tasks?  
Tim Stewart
Chapter 11: How Would a Basketball Coach
Get a Team to Talk the Talk?
Sylvia Whitman
Chapter 12: How Would a Social Activist Promote
Critical Literacy in the Language Classroom?
Rawia Hayik

Developing as a Professional

Chapter 13: How Would a Public Speaker Hook ’Em Every Time?
John Schmidt
Chapter 14: How Would a Document Designer
Create Classroom Materials?
Tammy R Jones and Gabriela Kleckova
Chapter 15: How Would a Researcher Conduct a
Language Course Evaluation?
Cynthia Quinn and Gregory Sholdt