Literature in Language Teaching and Learning

Amos Paran, Volume Editor  

Jill Burton, Case Studies Series Editor

Table of Contents


Series Editor’s Preface

CHAPTER 1: The Stories of Literature and Language Teaching
Amos Paran

CHAPTER 2: A Brighter Future?  Integrating Language and Literature for First-Year University Students
Ian Butler

CHAPTER 3: The Short Story:  Integrating Language Skills Through the Parallel Life Approach
Natalie Hess

CHAPTER 4: Talking It Over in Class
Philip Minkoff

CHAPTER 5: Stories Lean on Stories:  Literature Experiences in ESL Teacher Education
Tatiana Gordon, Joan Zaleski, and Debra Goodman

CHAPTER 6:  Using Enchantment: Children’s Literature in an EFL Teacher Education Context

Stuart McNicholls

CHAPTER 7: Terms of Integration:  Educating Primary EFL Teacher Learners
Isabel Martin

CHAPTER 8: Exploring the Literary Text Trough Grammar and the (Re-) Integration of Literature and Language Teaching
Benedict Lin

CHAPTER 9: Learning and Teaching How a Poem Means:  Literary Stylistics for EFL Undergraduates and Language Teachers in Japan
Patrick Rosenkjar

CHAPTER 10: Theory Into Practice:  Teaching and Responding to Literature Aesthetically
Nazan Tutas

CHAPTER 11: Stepping Into the Shoes of Romeo and Juliet
Milena Vodickova

CHAPTER 12: Collaborative Producing of Digital Learning Objectives for Language and Literature Instruction in the Netherlands
Frits Schulte