Language Teacher Research in the Americas

Language Teacher Research Series

Hedy McGarrell, Volume Editor 

Thomas S. C. Farrell, Series Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editor’s Preface

CHAPTER 1: Language Teacher Research in the Americas
Hedy M. McGarrell

CHAPTER 2: Understanding Practices: Bridging the Gap Between What Teachers Do and What Students Know (Colombia)
Angela Bailey, Lourdes Rey, and Nayibe Rosado

CHAPTER 3: Revisiting Peer Review (Canada)
Sandra Burger and Catherine Danforth

CHAPTER 4: Film in the ESL Classroom: Hearing the Student’s Voice (Canada)
Andy Curtis
CHAPTER 5: ESL Students as Ethnographers: Examining Academic Interactions (United States)
Maria Dantas-Whitney

CHAPTER 6: Studying Classroom Practices and Learner Perceptions to Improve Test Quality (Canada)
Wendy Fraser and Janna Fox

CHAPTER 7: Listening to Text and ESL Students:  Facilitating Low-Frequency Vocabulary Acquisition Incidentally (United States)
Jami Gurkin

CHAPTER 8: Promoting Innovative Practices Through Reflective Collaboration (Brazil)
Andrea Jesus, Heliana Mello, and Deise Dutra

CHAPTER 9: Mi and Myself:  Dual Identity in Jamaican Contact Language Speakers (Jamaica)
Mary Hills Kuck

CHAPTER 10: Local Cultures, Language Politics, and Service Learning in the TEFL Certificate Course (Ecuador) 
Kathleen McInerney

CHAPTER 11: Finding and Leveraging Vocabulary Strengths While Addressing Needs (United States)
Elizabeth Park

CHAPTER 12: Are Nonnative Speakers Really Able to Converse? (United States)
Eliana Santana-Williamson

CHAPTER 13: Learning How to Learn: Metacognitive Strategy Training With Beginning EFL Students (Costa Rica)
Sharon L. Springer