Language Teacher Research in Australia and New Zealand

Anne Burns, Volume Editor 

Jill Burton, Volume Editor

Thomas S. C. Farrell, Series Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editor’s Preface

CHAPTER 1: Language Teacher Research in Australia and New Zealand
Anne Burns and Jill Burton

CHAPTER 2: Talking to the Locals: Community Research and Hong Kong Students in an English Language Immersion Program (Australia) 
Jill Brown and Vernon Crew

CHAPTER 3: Cultural and Academic Contexts: What Difference Do They Make to EAP Students? (New Zealand)
Averil Coxhead, Judy Hunter, Jane Pierard, and David Cooke

CHAPTER 4: Teaching Conversation and Negotiation Skills Using Teacher-Made, Semiscripted Conversation Models (New Zealand)
Heather Denny

CHAPTER 5: Learners, Lessons, and Vocabulary: Factors Affecting Recall and Retention (Australia)
Toni Dobinson and Paul Mercieca

CHAPTER 6: Strategies for Success in International Examinations (New Zealand)
Carol Griffiths

CHAPTER 7: Multilingualism Down Under: The Use and Disuse of Non-English Heritage Languages Among Mixed-Bilingual-Parentage University Students (Australia)
Iman Makeba Laversuch

CHAPTER 8: Exploring Student Responses in an Immigrant Language Program (Australia)
Pamela McPherson

CHAPTER 9: Exploring Critical Appraisal Through Teacher Research With ESL Postgraduate Engineers (Australia)
Gavin Melles

CHAPTER 10: Reconciling the Roles: Reflections of an Academic Practitioner in TESOL (Australia)
Jennifer Miller

CHAPTER 11: Open My Eyes, Reveal My Blindness: Cultural Awakening in Teacher Education (Australia)
Eleanor Peeler

CHAPTER 12: Teaching Literacy to Deaf Adults: Maxims for Mapping Uncharted Territory (New Zealand)
Kevin Roach

CHAPTER 13: A Second Language Learner’s Attempts at Text Comprehension in Biology (Australia)
Tanya Taylor-Cox