Language Teacher Research in Europe

Simon Borg, Volume Editor 

Thomas S. C. Farrell, Series Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editor’s Preface

CHAPTER 1: Language Teacher Research in Europe
Simon Borg

CHAPTER 2: Primary School EFL Teachers as Researchers (Turkey)
Derin Atay

CHAPTER 3: Teaching Web-Mediated EAP to Ethnic-Minority Students (UK)
Mihye Harker and Dimitra Koutsantoni

CHAPTER 4: Are You Doing Well in English?  A Study of Secondary School Students’ Self-Perceptions (Hungary)
Judit Heitzmann

CHAPTER 5: The Integration of Literature:  A Way to Engage Learners’ Intellect and Interest (Spain)
Sacramento Jáimez-Muñoz

CHAPTER 6: Teachers Into Researchers:  Learning to Research in TESOL (UK)
Richard Kiely

CHAPTER 7: Learning to Speak, Speaking to Learn:  Research Perspectives on Learner Autonomy Through Collaborative Work in ELT (Spain)
Carmen Pérez-Llantada

CHAPTER 8: Meeting CEF Standards: Research Action in Local Action Research, (Italy)
Anna Franca Plastina

CHAPTER 9: Sharing a Journey Towards Success: The Impact of Collaborative Study Groups and CALL in a Legal Context (Italy)
Alison Riley and Patricia Sours

CHAPTER 10: Aspects of Teacher-Generated Language in the Language Classroom (UK)
Linda Taylor

CHAPTER 11: Do I Talk Too Much? Exploring Dominant and Passive Participation Dynamics (Czech Republic)
Jennifer E. Thomas

CHAPTER 12: Multiple Intelligences Come to the University: A Case Study (Turkey)
Eda Ustünel

CHAPTER 13: Between the Lines: Using Interaction Journals in E-mail Projects (Germany)
Karin Vogt