Language Teacher Research in the Middle East

Language Teacher Research Series

Christine Coombe, Volume Editor 

Lisa Barlow, Volume Editor

Thomas S. C. Farrell, Series Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editor’s Preface

CHAPTER 1:  Language Teacher Research in the Middle East
Christine Coombe and Lisa Barlow

CHAPTER 2:  How Does Language Anxiety Affect Performance in the English Language Classroom? (United Arab Emirates)
Margaret Agbalizu

CHAPTER 3:  L2 Learners and Student Evaluations of Teaching: Issues of Language Comprehension (United Arab Emirates)
Ahmad Al-Issa and Hana Sulieman

CHAPTER 4:  Spelling Errors of Arab Learners: Evidence for Intergraphemic Mapping (Saudi Arabia)
Maher Bahloul

CHAPTER 5:  What Makes a Good Teacher? Investigating the Native-Nonnative Speaker Issue in the Arabian Gulf (Kuwait and United Arab Emirates)
Christine Coombe and Mashael Al-Hamly

CHAPTER 6:  Multicultural, Coeducational Group Work Experiences: Creative Collaboration or Problematic Partnership? (United Arab Emirates) 
Cindy Gunn

CHAPTER 7:  To Mediate or Not to Mediate: Surviving in an Exam-Based EFL Context (United Arab Emirates)
Naziha Ali Jafri

CHAPTER 8:  The Effectiveness of Learning Contracts With Arab Learners of English (United Arab Emirates)
Paul MacLeod

CHAPTER 9:  Six Hats for Discussion and Writing (United Arab Emirates)
David Palfreyman and Fran Turner

CHAPTER 10: Teacher and Student Perceptions of Best Practices in Teaching (Tunisia)
Ali H. Raddaoui

CHAPTER 11: The Effect of Group and Individual Peer Feedback on Student Writing in an EFL Gulf Context (Saudi Arabia)
Ali Shehadeh

CHAPTER 12: Negotiating With Multiple Repeaters (United Arab Emirates)
Salah Troudi

CHAPTER 13: Moodling in the Middle East (United Arab Emirates)
Jason M. Ward