More Than a Native Speaker

Revised Edition

Don Snow, Author

Table of Contents


Part I:  Preparing to Teach

CHAPTER 1:  Principles of Language Learning and the Role of the Teacher
CHAPTER 2:  Getting the Lay of the Land
CHAPTER 3:  Planning Your Course
CHAPTER 4:  Evaluation, Backwash, and Grading
CHAPTER 5:  Lesson Planning and Classroom Survival
CHAPTER 6:  Putting It All Together: Sample Course Plans

Part II:  Aspects of English Teaching

CHAPTER 7:  Listening:  Putting the Horse before the Cart
CHAPTER 8:  Speaking: A Linguistic Juggling Act
CHAPTER 9:  Reading and Decoding
CHAPTER 10: Writing:  Keeping Your Head above Water
CHAPTER 11:  Vocabulary: Students in Charge
CHAPTER 12:  Grammar:  Finding a Balance
CHAPTER 13:  Teaching Culture
CHAPTER 14:  A Troubleshooter’s Guide to the Classroom

Part III:  Living Abroad

CHAPTER 15:  Adapting to Your Host Culture
CHAPTER 16:  Afterword:  On Becoming a Professional

Appendix A:  The Goals Menu:  A Starter Kit for Course Planning
Appendix B:  Culture-Topic Activity Ideas for Oral Skills Classes  
   Module 1: Daily Life
   Module 2:  The Cycle of Life
   Module 3:  Relationships
   Module 4:  Our Nation
   Module 5:  Society
   Module 6:  Arts, Entertainment, and Media
   Module 7:  Teaching and Education
Appendix C:  Books for Further Reading
Appendix D:  Internet Resources for Teachers and Learners