New Ways in Teaching Writing, Revised

Denise C. Mussman, Editor





Part I: Getting Started, Generating Ideas, and Having Fun

Prewriting and Freewriting

It’s All in a Name, Lou Spaventa and Denise Mussman

It All Started With an Apple, Alice Gertzman

Finding Wild Mind, Christine B. Root

Write or Die, Jingjing Wei

Silent Brainstorming, Lionel Menasche

Cube It!, Denise Mussman

It’s Raining Ideas: Small-Group Brainstorming With Popplet, Susan Kelly

Solving Problems While Prewriting, Janet Winter

Guided Sentence Expansion, Lise Winer

FRIEDs: A Development Device, Karen A. Russikoff

Motivational Activities

Psst, Pass It On, Marilynn Spaventa

Informal Diary Writing, Norma Green

Action Logging, Tim Murphey

Creative Stimulus—Creative Response, Norman J. Yoshida

Quiz Show, Hyacinth Gaudart

What Do I Do When I Write? Shenika Harris

Building Fluency and Creativity

The Proverb, Constance Colon-Jones and Denise Mussman

PowerPoint Images for Building Writing Fluency, Kathleen Montgomery

Building a Story, Kelly Fowler

Prompted Write Around, Thomas Nixon

Vocabulary Notebooks and Crazy Stories, Denise Mussman

Creative Book Reports, Mark James and Denise Mussman

Part II: Development—Writing and Building Paragraphs

Grammar in Writing

Let’s Play Jeopardy! Thomas Delaney

A Typical Day, Revisited, Lise Winer

Paired Biography, Terri Cononelos and Denise Mussman

Students Write the Quiz, Denise Mussman

Call Your Grandma! Denise Mussman

Practice Parallelism Using LinkedIn Professional Profiles, Zuzana Tomaš and Rose Branstrom


Putting Sentences Together, Judy Ho

Strip Story and More, M. R. Sayavedra

Connecting Up, Margaret Shabka

Organizing and Developing Paragraphs

From Sentence to Story, Mary Ullrich

Paragraph Consequences, Don Dunmore

Using Prediction to Teach Development, Timothy A. Micek

Paragraph Unity, Ron Grove

Patterns, Michele Kilgore

Part III: Expressive Writing

Descriptive Writing

Artists, Denise Mussman

Art Field Trip, Beverly Walker-Watkins

A Guide to Your New Hometown, Anthony Butterworth

Describing and Presenting Countries, Eva Tandlichova and Denise Mussman

Make a Poster, Victoria Marone

Who Are They? Joy Egbert

Creating a Clear Picture, Anita Storck


Beginnings to Poetry Writing, Van Le

Words Words Words Worth, Wisam Mansour


Fables, Clarine Beatty

Teaching Writing Through Fables and Proverbs, Helen Raptis

Creating Class Books With Bookr, Susan Kelly

Retelling a Story From Different Perspectives, Teresa Loh

Nonfiction Narratives

Recipe Writing, Hilda Freimuth

Evaluative Writing Through Film Reviews, Phil Plourde

You Be the Judge, Jessica Saigh

Analysis of an Audio Biography, Lilian Mina

Technology and Me Literacy Slideshow, Lilian Mina

Organizing Papers With an iPad, Jeff Popko

Part IV: Academic Writing


The Most Important Advice, George Q. Xu

The Instant Essay Formula, Catherine Rankovic

Musical Comparison and Contrast, Josephine A. Taylor

Argumentative Paragraphs and Essays, Gordon West


Visualizing Characters in a Novel, Jessica Saigh

Writing Activities From a Novel, Jessica Saigh

Themed Writing Activities for a Novel, Jerome Bollato and Denise Mussman

Paraphrasing and Summarizing

Diagramming Before Summarizing, Ellen Lipp

In Other Words, Sylvia Mulling

A Summary Response, Karen Peterson and Michele Kilgore

Summarizing With Word Frequency Counters, Zuzana Tomaš, Lauryn Gallo, and Kirtland Eastwood

Summary–Response Writing, Alice Gertzman

Writing From Research

Giving Students Authority, Randall L. Cotten

Research Organizer, Lauryn Gallo, Zuzana Tomaš, and Kirtland Eastwood

I’d Like to Ask You a Question, Lily Vered

Quotation: Academic Form, Hugh Rutledge

Composing an Abstract, Feifei Han

Speed Dating for Research Paper Writing, James M. Perren

Self-Reflection as a Way to Avoid Plagiarism, Fei Fei Han

Real-World Writing on Social Media, Maria Luisa C. Sadorra, Christianty Nur, and Soon Fen Wong

Writing an Annotated Bibliography, Michael Madson

Problematic Source Use, Zuzana Tomaš, Lauryn Gallo, and Kirtland Eastwood

Writing for Internet Publication, James M. Perren

Examination Writing

Ready, Set, Write, Diana Mitchner

Writing Under Examination Conditions, Kenneth Dean


Using the Portfolio Approach, Esther J. Winter and Janet Winter

Portfolios: Curricular Design and Assessment, Ann M. Johns

Part V: Personal and Business Correspondence

Personal Correspondence

Messages and Notes, Helen S. Huntley

Vacation Mystery Letter, Eric Bray

Business Correspondence

Discovering Register Variation, Betsy Gilliland

Writing Appropriately, Wanda Poon

Letter to the Editor, Shawn Clankie

In My Opinion, Douglas Consolo

Internal Update Email, Jacqueline Militello

Practical Business Writing, Janet Winter

Advertisement Writing, Winnie Lee

Letters of Complaint, Dino Mahoney

Writing Reports for the Workplace, Tim Gore

Letters of Application, Helen S. Huntley

Student Companies: Cover Letters and Resumes, Denise Mussman

Applying for a Professional Job–The Cover Letter, Suzanne Bonn

Applying for a Professional Job–The Resume, Suzanne Bonn

Writing a Business Case Study, Nancy Mayer

Part VI: Peer Reviews, Revision, and Giving Feedback

Peer Reviews

Peerless Peer Review, Jean Bernard Porter

Working Toward Self-Sufficiency, Donna Price-Machado and Ingrid Greenberg

Wiki-ing Your Peer Response, Meng Wang and James M. Perren

Peer Response Groups, Gayle Nelson

Revision and Editing

Writing Reader-Friendly Texts, Beverly A. Lewin

Common Errors in Grammar and Collocations, Denise Mussman

What Are You Writing and Whom Are You Writing For? Zuzana Tomaš and Michael Okamoto

Using Outlines to Revise, George Q. Xu

Giving Feeback

Giving and Getting Feedback, Michael O’Bryan

Correction Symbols: Developing Editing Skills, Fredricka L. Stoller

Using Color-Coded E-Rubrics, Melanie Rockenhaus

Using Screencasts to Give Feedback, Thomas Delaney

From Writing Conferences to Writing Conversations, Daniel O. Jackson

Part VII: Technological Resources

Using Moodle in the Writing Process, Iain Stanley

Collaborating on Google Docs, Michael Madson

Guided Writing Using a WebQuest, Donna Shaw