Perspectives on Community College ESL Vol. 1

Marilyn Spaventa, Volume Editor

 Craig Machado, Series Editor

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION:  Volume 1:  Pedagogy, Programs, Curricula, and Assessment
Marilynn Spaventa

Part 1: Pedagogy

 CHAPTER 1:  A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Museum:  From Collaborative Inquiry to Transformative Pedagogy
Usha Venkatesh, Michael Berman, Henry Caballero, Sherrie Carroll, and Judith Gaines

CHAPTER 2:  Caminante Si Hay Caminos:  Toward a Postcritical ESL Approach for Community Colleges
J. Andrés Ramírez 

Part 2: Programs

CHAPTER 3:  Immigration + New Literacy Studies + Digital Technologies = ESL for a New South Harriett A. Allison

CHAPTER 4:  Strength in Community:  Effectiveness of Community in Building College Success
Marcia Babbitt

CHAPTER 5:  The Perfect Storm:  Workforce Education in the Pacific Northwest Seafood Industry
Laura Lenhardt, Eileen Purcell, and Marian Tyson

CHAPTER 6:  Creating an ESL College Workforce Program: Challenges, Changes, and Solutions
John Thomas

Part 3:  Curricula

CHAPTER 7:  Curriculum Renewal in  a Canadian Context:  What, Why, and How?
Gabriel E. Ayala and Andy Curtis

CHAPTER 8:  Whose Technology Is It Anyway?
Carol J. Brutza and Martha Hayes
CHAPTER 9:  Writing for an Audience:  Interviews of Working New Yorkers
Melinda Thomsen

CHAPTER 10:   Variety Is the Spice of Life—and English Classes
Carmella Lieske

Part 4:  Assessment

CHAPTER 11:  Thelma and Louise on the Road to Student Learning Outcomes
Margaret Connell and Ann O’Leary

CHAPTER 12:  From Marginalized to Integrated:  ESL Placement Testing Goes Mainstream
Craig Machado and Suzanne Solensky

CHAPTER 13:  ESL in New York and San Diego: Lessons Learned in Diverse Settings
Ken Sheppard and JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall