Perspectives on Community College ESL Vol. 2: Students, Mission, and Advocacy

Amy Blumenthal, Volume Editor

Craig Machado, Series Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editor’s Preface

Amy Blumenthal

Part 1: Innovative Programs Serving the Underrepresented

CHAPTER 1: How Much English Does Maria Need to Give a Manicure? Lesson from a Sixteen-Month VESL Program for Dislocated Farm Workers
Laurie Ketzenberg

CHAPTER 2: The Rainbow Speaks: Is Anybody Listening?
Judith K. Casey

CHAPTER 3: New Beginnings for Latinas on Welfare: Alternative ESL and Job Training Program
Jorge Santiago

Part 2: Professional Engagement and Development

CHAPTER 4: Adapting to New Realities: ESL Professional Development for Community and Technical College Program Faculty
Kimberly A. Johnson and Kelly Marchwick

CHAPTER 5: Goal: To Be Taken for Granted
Anne Bollati

CHAPTER 6: Community College ESL Instructor: Jill of All Trades
Yvonne Pratt-Johnson

CHAPTER 7: The Research Partnership: Collaboration for ESL Student Success
Amy Blumenthal and Trudy Bers

Part 3: Distinctive Student Populations

CHAPTER 8: A Portrait of Generation 1.5 Students
Mary F. Gawienowski and Kathi Holper
CHAPTER 9: Blind Students and the ESL Classroom:  Accessibility Improves the Class for Everyone
Sheri Wells-Jensen

Part 4: Knowing Our Students

CHAPTER 10: The Power of Personal Narrative:  What We Can Learn from Our Students
John Stasinopoulos

CHAPTER 11: Conflicting or Complementary Agendas? Community Colleges and ESL Students
Yulia Stone