Perspectives on Community College ESL Volume 3: Faculty, Administration, and the Working Environment

Jose A. Carmona, Editor

Craig Machado, Series Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editor’s Preface

INTRODUCTION: Volume 3: Faculty, Administration, and the Working Environment
Jose A. Carmona and Craig Machado

Part 1: Teachers, Culture, and Pedagogy

CHAPTER 1: Nonnative-English-Speaking Teachers in U.S. ESL Programs
Rosemaria Maum

CHAPTER 2: Lived Pedagogies: Becoming a Multicompetent ESOL Teacher
Gloria Park

CHAPTER 3: Culture and the Mainstreamed ESL Student: Tracking ESL Students for Success
Douglas Magrath

CHAPTER 4: A Place for Adult Language Literacy in the Community College: Challenges and Successes
Jose A. Carmona

Part 2: Adjunct Faculty and Training

CHAPTER 5: From Adjunct to Tenure: No Colleague Left Behind
Eileen N. Whelan Ariza, Susanne I. Lapp, and Sherrie Sacharow

CHAPTER 6: Sustaining a Culture of Accountability Through the Unified Assessment and Training of Adjunct Faculty
Elena Nehrebecki

Part 3: Faculty Collaboration

CHAPTER 7: Institutionalizing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in the Community College: An Examination of a Community College–University Research Partnership
Shawn Ford

CHAPTER 8: Integration of Academic ESOL Faculty Into Programs Developed for Faculty Who Work With Native-English-Speaking Students
Clint McElroy, Edith Valladares McElroy, and Chuang Wang

CHAPTER 9: The Collaborative Role of Community College Faculty in Producing Highly Qualified K–12 ESOL Teachers
Linda Gerena and Eileen N. Whelan Ariza

Part 4: Teachers and Technology

CHAPTER 10: Technology, Innovation, and Teacher Change in an ESL Program
Ruth Reynard

CHAPTER 11: Technology as an Antidote to Teacher Burnout
Rose Giambrone

Part 5: Working Environment

CHAPTER 12: Successes and Challenges in Achieving Equitable Working Conditions for ESL Professionals in Washington State
Yilin Sun

CHAPTER 13: Institutional Support for ESL Professionals: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Sharla Jones

CHAPTER 14: Earning Respect in a Community College Environment
Alison N. Petro