Extending Professional Contributions

Professional Development in Language Education Series (PDLE), Volume 2

Tim Murphey, Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editor's Preface 

CHAPTER 1: Long-Distance Collaboration: Rescuing Each Other From the Desert Island
Angela Beck and Joy Janzen

CHAPTER 2: The "Dead Hand" Project: Intercultural Collaboration and Professional Development 
Mary Lee Field and Noriko Nagai

CHAPTER 3: Professional Development Through Student and Teacher Reection Journals
Timothy Stewart and Elizabeth Lokon

CHAPTER 4: Fostering Graduate School Teacher Development Through Peer Interviewing
Greta Gorsuch and David Beglar

CHAPTER 5: Pulp Fiction? The Research Journal and Professional Development
Simon Borg

CHAPTER 6: How Would PhD Feel After Your Name?
Patricia L. Miller

CHAPTER 7: Net Gains
Catherine Green

CHAPTER 8: Growing With the Flow: Sustaining Professionalism Through Online Instruction of Language Teachers
Faridah Pawan and Anna Jacobson

CHAPTER 9: Get Real! Authentic Assessment in Graduate-Level TESOL Programs
Annis N. Shaver, Juliet E. Hart, and Mary A. Avalos

CHAPTER 10: Thais That Bind: Becoming a Teacher Educator Through International Volunteering
Susan Carbery and Robert Croker

CHAPTER 11: Starting a Local Teacher Study Group
Kazuyoshi Sato

CHAPTER 12: Creating Publishing Communities 
Tim Murphey, Mark Connolly, Eton Churchill, John McLaughlin, Susan L. Schwartz, and Jarek Krajka