Sustaining Professionalism

Professional Development in Language Education Series (PDLE), Volume 3

Patricia Byrd and Gayle Nelson, Editors

Table of Contents

Series Editor's Preface 

CHAPTER 1: On Remaining a Teacher: Transformations, Detours, and Affirmations
Carol Clark

CHAPTER 2: Becoming "Scholar of the College"
Andrew D. Cohen

CHAPTER 3: Outside In, Inside Out: Creating a Teaching Portfolio
Rosie Tanner

CHAPTER 4: Challenges and Motivations: Organizing a Drama Festival for High School Students
Aysegul Daloglu

CHAPTER 5: Writing for Grant Dollar$
Jane E. Averill

CHAPTER 6: The Roller Coaster Ride of Editing a Book
John M. Murphy

CHAPTER 7: Small Corrections: Becoming a Textbook Writer
Linda Grant

CHAPTER 8: Going for the Gold: Managing an Academic Department
Siti Hamin Stapa

CHAPTER 9: A Far Cry From the Classroom: Becoming an Administrator
Rosslyn Smith

CHAPTER 10: Taking the Bull by the Horns: Designing a Teacher-Initiated Professional Development Program
Elana Spector-Cohen, Carol Wexler, and Sara Kol

CHAPTER 11: Training Teachers to be Teacher Trainers: It's More Complicated Than You'd Think
Briony Beaven

CHAPTER 12: Sabbatical Projects Can Make a Difference: A Tale of Curriculum Revision
Sharon Seymour

CHAPTER 13: Moving Into the Unknown: When Leaving a Secure Position Sustains Your Professionalism
Susan Conrad

CHAPTER 14: A Fulbright Adventure: Just Do It!
Gayle Nelson

CHAPTER 15: Starting a TESOL Caucus for Nonnative Speakers of English: The Politics of Professional Development
George Braine