Planning and Teaching Creatively Within a Required Curriculum for Adult Learners

TESOL’s Language Curriculum Development Series

Anne Burns and Helen de Silva Joyce, volume editors

Kathleen Graves, Language Curriculum Development Series Editor

Table of Contents

Series Editor’s Preface


CHAPTER 1:  Challenging Requirements: How Teachers Navigate to Make Changes Within Required Curricula
Anne Burns and Helen de Silva Joyce

CHAPTER 2:  Sowing the Seeds: An Innovative Gardening Project
Valerie Bainbridge and Janine Oldfield

CHAPTER 3:  The Transition From School to University: Learning New Behavior and Skills
Janet M. D. Higgins

CHAPTER 4:  Maintaining the Learning:  EFL Teacher Education in Vietnam 
Martyn Brogan

CHAPTER 5:  Innovations in Curriculum Development: Crossing Cultures, Crossing Generations
Abigail Brown and Jennifer Wharton

CHAPTER 6:  Foreign Eyes on Thailand: An ESP Project for EFL Learners
John Knox

CHAPTER 7:  No Textbook?  No Problem!  Reading and Writing With a Nonfiction Bestseller
Sarah Dodson-Knight

CHAPTER 8:  When Writing Is Murder: Transforming a Composition Course With a Mystery Novel
Todd Heyden

CHAPTER 9:  The Motive, Means, Method, and Magic of Using the Arts in a Grammar-Based Adult ESL Program
Kristin Lems

CHAPTER 10:  Responding to Learners’ Language Needs in an Oral EFL Class
John McAndrew

CHAPTER 11:  Not the Puppet Anymore: Infusing Critical Inquiry Into a Business Presentation Curriculum
Martin Momoda

CHAPTER 12:  Surviving a Crash Course in EAP Writing: A Cambodian Experience
Stephen H. Moore

CHAPTER 13:  Chifa: Freewriting Within a Required Curriculum for Adults
Spencer Salas and Kyra Garson

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