Preparing Effective Teachers of English Language Learners

Practical Applications of the PreK–12 TESOL Professional Standards

Diane Staehr Fenner and Natalie Kuhlman

Table of Contents

Standards at-a-Glance

CHAPTER 1: Introduction

Development of the Standards

CHAPTER 2: Development of the TESOL P–12 Professional Teaching Standards

Application of the Standards

CHAPTER 3: Overview of Program Development

CHAPTER 4: Overview of NCATE/CAEP Recognition

CHAPTER 5: Overview of Professional Development

Application of the Standards by Domain

CHAPTER 6: Domain 1: Language

CHAPTER 7: Domain 2: Culture

CHAPTER 8: Domain 3: Instruction

CHAPTER 9: Domain 4: Assessment

CHAPTER 10: Domain 5: Professionalism

International Applications

CHAPTER 11: Application of the TESOL P–12 Professional Teaching Standards to International


CHAPTER 12: Conclusion

Appendix: Sample National Recognition Report
Glossary of Terms