Professional Development of
International Teaching Assistants

Dorit Kaufman and Barbara Brownworth, Volume Editors

Jill Burton, Case Studies in TESOL Practice Series Editor 

Table of Contents


Series Editor’s Preface

CHAPTER 1: Collaborative Paradigms and Future Directions in International Teaching Assistant Professional Development
Dorit Kaufman and Barbara Brownworth

Part 1: Grounding Practices in Research and Researching Practice

CHAPTER 2: A Research-Informed Approach to International Teaching Assistant Preparation
Gordon J. Tapper and Kathryn L. Kidder

CHAPTER 3: Situated Support in the First Year of Teaching
Wayne Jacobson, Margy Lawrence, and Karen Freisem

CHAPTER 4: Students Teaching Students: Cultural Awareness as a Two-Way Process
Marilyn Miller and Sandy Matsuda

CHAPTER 5: Classic Challenges in International Teaching Assistant Assessment
Greta Gorsuch

Part 2: Beginnings, Challenges, and Growth

CHAPTER 6: The Evolution of an International Teaching Assistant Program
Carol Piñeiro

CHAPTER 7: From Complaints to Communication: The Development of an International Teaching Assistant Program
Catherine Ross

CHAPTER 8: The International Teaching Assistant Program at the University of Utah
Diane Cotsonas

CHAPTER 9: An Intensive Workshop for International Teaching Assistant Preparation
Thomas J. Schroeder and Dennis M. Kohler

Part 3: Collaborative Practices and Partnerships Across Disciplines

CHAPTER 10: Orientation for International Teaching Assistants: Integrating Drama for Communication
Dean Papajohn

CHAPTER 11: Addressing the Cultural and Linguistic Needs of Students
Allison N. Petro

CHAPTER 12: Creating Partnerships:  International Teaching Assistant Links in a Campus-Wide Chain—The Carnegie Mellon Experience
Peggy Allen Heidish