TESOL Technology Standards: Description, Implementation, Integration

Technology Team: Deborah Healey, Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, Philip Hubbard, Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou, Greg Kessler, Paige Ware

Table of Contents

Part 1: Description

CHAPTER 1: Introduction
CHAPTER 2: Theoretical and Research Bases for the Technology Standards

Part 2: Implementation

CHAPTER 3: Technology Standards for Language Learners
CHAPTER 4: Technology Standards for Language Teachers
CHAPTER 5: The Relationship of the TESOL Technology Standards to Other Standards

Part 3: Integration

CHAPTER 6: Implications and Recommendations for Teacher Educators
CHAPTER 7: Administrators and the Technology Standards
CHAPTER 8: Online Teaching and Learning With the Technology Standards
CHAPTER 9: Checklists for Self-Assessment and Program Assessment

Part 4: Supporting Matter

Appendix A: The TESOL Technology Standards for Language Learners and Language Teachers
Appendix B: Proficiency Descriptors
Appendix C: Vignette Tables: Quick Reference to Proficiency Levels, Skills, and Resources for Learners and Teachers
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