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Compleat Links Volume 1, Issue 1 (Winter 2003)

Access the Latest Compleat Links Volume 1, Issue 1 (Winter 2003) Documents:

  • East Asian e-Culture Takes the Crick out of Your Neck 
    Tom Robb talks about e-mail emoticons in a cultural context. See Dorothy Zemach's From A to Z column, 'uve got mail,' Essential Teacher, Winter 2003 (pp. 19-21).
  • Feeding Two Birds With One Scone 
    Tim Murphey chats with Marilyn Kupetz about memes. See Richard Watson Todd's 'Memes and the Teaching of English,' Essential Teacher, Winter 2003 (pp. 54-56).
  • Language Educators Put Technology in Its Place 
    Leslie Opp-Beckman asked English language educators in South Africa and Ukraine about the future of technology in the language classroom. See Gina Mikel Petrie's 'Future Landscapes of Translation: Shifting Perspectives on Language Technology,' Essential Teacher, Winter 2003 (pp. 38-42).
  • Sleuthing the Net 
    Cynthia Kieffer discusses Internet activities to do with students as they read mystery novels. See Essential Teacher, Winter 2003 (p. 59), for Abigail Bartoshesky's review of the audiotapes The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and related Internet sites.
  • Grammatically Speaking, Winter 2003 
    Richard Firsten helps readers with questions about "family is" versus "family are," ditransitives, and reflexive pronouns. A readers answers a Brain Teaser on "CAT FISH" versus "CAT fish."