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Compleat Links Volume 1, Issue 3 (Summer 2004)

Compleat Links is an online complement to Essential Teacher. This section offers original articles, interviews, and other content thematically linked to Essential Teacher. Richard Firsten's Grammatically Speaking is an ongoing feature of Compleat Links.

Access the Latest Compleat Links Volume 1, Issue 3 (Summer 2004) Documents:

  • How High Can They Climb? 
    A poem and a trip to a local thermoelectric plant in Mexico inspire the students in Cheryl Brickner's Grade 6 class to write poetry. See Lenore Balliro's At All Hours column, "Hats, Keys, and Want Ads," Essential Teacher, Summer 2004 (pp. 14-15).
  • Broadband and CALL 
    Allen H. Kupetz debunks three myths about broadband. See Kevin Ryan's article, "Closing the CALL Gap in Japan," Essential Teacher, Summer 2004 (pp. 32-35).
  • For Young Learners, Songs Can Mean Business 
    Abdulvahit Cakir designs song-based activities around play, the most important part of small children's lives. See Michael Carroll's article, 'Japanese Students Can't Think Critically. Or Can They?,' Essential Teacher, Summer 2004 (pp. 54-56).
  • Making the Leap From General to Legal English 
    Debra Lee helps students enter the world of authentic legal documents written in English. See Essential Teacher, Summer 2004 (p. 58), for Lynore M. Carnuccio's review of Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance: (
  • Grammatically Speaking, Summer 2004 
    Richard Firsten answers questions about "hard" versus "hardly," order of adjectives, "evidence of" versus "evidence for," the expression "'til death do us part," and "that" versus "which." In the answer to the spring Brain Teaser, a reader explains about "teeth marks" and "tooth marks."