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Compleat Links Volume 1, Issue 5 (Winter 2004)

Compleat Links is an online complement to Essential Teacher. This section offers original articles, interviews, and other content thematically linked to Essential Teacher. Richard Firsten's Grammatically Speaking is an ongoing feature of Compleat Links.

Access the Latest Compleat Links Volume 1, Issue 5 (Winter 2004) Documents:

  • Taking the Frustration out of Grading 
    Kathy Paxton-Williams offers tips for making grading manageable for you and meaningful for students.
  • When CALL Was Uncharted Territory 
    Claire Bradin Siskin recalls the early days of the teacher-cum-programmer and predicts a bright future.
  • Natural Learners, Better Learners 
    Task-based, computer-assisted language learning projects promote natural learning and increase motivation for the Chinese EFL learners in Jin Lin's classes.
  • A Web of Opportunity 
    James Bailey explains how screen-reading software and accessible Web design can lower barriers between blind users and print material.
  • Drama for Pronunciation 
    Gary Carkin uses drama as a support platform for pronunciation practice.
  • Grammatically Speaking, Winter 2004 
    Richard Firsten helps readers with answers to the question "How are you?," collective nouns, and the phrase "having said that." A reader explains the phrase "be it ever so humble" in response to the autumn Brain Teaser.