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Compleat Links Volume 2, Issue 4 (December 2005)

Access the Latest Compleat Links Volume 2, Issue 4 (December 2005) Documents:

  • Time, Patience, and Support 
    Ayumi Hosoda, who arrived in the United States as a high school student, tells you how you can support international students in their social and linguistic adjustment.
  • Multiple Identities Emerge through Collaboration 
    Through their collaboration in person and over e-mail, Noriko Ishihara and Magara Maeda have learned to see themselves and others as more than simply native- or nonnative-speaking teachers.
  • In Blogging, the Benefits of Exposure Are Worth the Risk 
    Online encounters that may appear risky or dangerous can generate interest and be good for learning, says Aaron P. Campbell.
  • Grammatically Speaking, December 2005 
    Richard Firsten explains why it's "tooth whitening," not "teeth whitening"; tells you whether "hopefully" is properly used as a disjunct adverb; untangles collective plurals; distinguishes clauses and phrases; and challenges you with a Brain Teaser.