Compleat Links Volume 4, Issue 4 (December 2007)

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  • Teaching with Technology 
    Embracing the fact that he is teaching the net generation, Philip Lismore describes the technology-enhanced tools and methods he uses with his students.
  • Language Acquisition Through Intercultural Learning 
    As a group leader in an intercultural youth project, Neslihan Gundogdu helped young people from various countries develop a common language by discussing social and cultural issues.
  • Learner-Made Vocabulary Cards in the EAP Classroom 
    Seeing vocabulary as a key predictor of academic language success, Dawn Rogier and Beth Coleman decided to incorporate a useful, convenient, and student-approved resource in their classroom.
  • Who Owns English? The Indian Context 
    N. S. Gundur examines how dominant and subordinate cultural influences have interacted with English, contributing to its status as a global language.
  • Grammatically Speaking, December 2007 
    What is the to-less infinitive? Is it there is a variety or there are a variety? What is a postposed adjective? Richard Firsten untangles these issues, revisits his previous discussion of Sudanversus the Sudan, and challenges you with a new Brain Teaser.