Compleat Links Volume 6, Issue 1 (March 2009)

Access the Latest Compleat Links Volume 6, Issue 1 (March 2009) Documents:

  • Fluency First for Novice Writers 
    Lynn Knapp tells a story of personal empowerment brought about by research-based writing instruction that encourages meaningful self-expression.
  • Videoconferencing in EFL Classes 
    Yu-Chih Doris Shih discusses the potential of interactive videoconferencing and describes several projects that she used with English language learners in Taiwan and Japan as well as preservice teachers in the United States.
  • Learner Motivation in Language Teaching 
    Shahid Abrar-ul-Hassan highlights several strategies that may help increase and sustain second language learners' motivation--one of the key predictors of their success.
  • Grammatically Speaking, March 2009 
    Richard Firsten clarifies the difference between -ing verbs as gerunds and present participles, explains why some people say a whole nother, discusses "backshifting," differentiates between finite and non-finite clauses, and presents a new Brain Teaser.