EEIS Newsletter Mission Statement and Submission Guidelines

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The goal of the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in Elementary Education (EE) E-Newsletter is to provide a forum for the exchange of views; research; and classroom methods, materials and practices related to English as a second or foreign language in all elementary education settings,


The ESOL in Elementary Education E-Newsletter is oriented to ESOL teachers, facilitators, coaches and administrators in a wide range of elementary education settings and with varied expertise and experience.


As the professionals charged, with the responsibility of assuring that young learners from non-English-speaking backgrounds receive the necessary instruction to enable them to function effectively in English both interpersonally and academically, we have the following objectives for our E-Newsletter:

  • to serve as a vehicle of communication for EFL/ESOL educators in
  • elementary education;
  • to educate the public, government officials, and other educators to the need for ESOL instruction at the elementary level, to the nature of such instruction, and to the need for hiring qualified people to deliver such instruction;
  • to foster recognition of ESOL as an academic discipline in elementary education;
  • to advocate the education and certification of ESOL elementary teachers;
  • to assure an adequate pool of qualified personnel by encouraging more programs for professional development;
  • to develop and establish standards of achievement and performance of students;
  • to stimulate relevant qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research in the field of young ESOL learners;
  • to foster action research by and for teachers in the classrooms, schools and communities where ESOL students live and learn;
  • to document the manner in which children are being educated to use English;
  • to stimulate development and adaptation of appropriate materials at the elementary level:
  • to serve as a platform to inform TESOL and other organizations of the concerns of ESOL in elementary education professionals and Interest Section members.

To address these goals, the EEIS E-newsletter contains:

  • Messages or special announcements from the Chair, Chair-Elect and EEIS
  • Steering Board, articles of relevance to EEIS members, specific information about EEIS activities, reports from committees, and important EEIS convention information maybe included in the E-newsletter.

Adopted January 2004 Revised July 2005.

EEIS News is soliciting articles on research; and classroom methods, materials and practices related to English as a second or foreign language in any elementary education setting.

EEIS News welcomes articles that apply to classroom situations and that focus on ESL/EFL classroom practices/instruction, second language acquisition, language assessment, advocacy, administration, parent/public concerns and other related areas. Given the newsletter’s electronic format, authors are encouraged to include hyperlinks. 

Submission Guidelines

Articles should:

  • include a title, author and author’s e-mail address
  • be no longer than 1,500 words
  • include a 1–3 sentence (approximately 50 words) abstract
  • contain no more than five citations
  • follow the style guidelines in Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fifth Edition (APA)
  • be in MS Word or ASCII format

Please direct your submissions and questions to:

Janet Orr


Carlyn Syvanen