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ESP Newsletter Mission Statement

by User Not Found | 08/19/2016

The ESP Interest Section newsletter provides relevant, substantive, and timely information and advice on English for specific purposes to ESP IS members to foster communication and promote professional development. Articles address issues in ESP research, teaching, and materials development in academic, workplace, and other settings, including how to conduct needs analyses, how to coordinate and negotiate with non-ESL/EFL professionals in an ESP context, and how to do contract work.

The ESP News makes connections between the ESP IS and other groups of similar interests (e.g., IATEFL's ESP Special Interest Group) or of related interests (e.g., the American Society for Training and Development). The newsletter helps other professionals in the field of ESL/EFL to understand what ESP is and its role in the field of ESL/EFL. In addition, it keeps members informed of current happenings in the IS and in TESOL's Central Office.

The ESP News serves TESOL members and others who are interested in the design and delivery of language instruction for learners with specific, identifiable English needs in school, workplace, or other settings.

We envision increasingly efficient communication in the future for all ESP IS needs based on the appropriate use of electronic and paper media. For example, news and issues that require immediate attention (such as voting, announcements, and debate) can be handled most effectively on an ESP IS electronic discussion list. On the other hand, information of enduring value (such as IS policies and articles) should be available on an IS Web site. Hard copies should be available to those without access to the Internet.