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Difference and Disability Matters, SSDIS Newsletter


The goal of Difference and Disability Matters is to provide a forum for the exchange of views; research; and classroom methods, materials, and practices related to English learners with disabilities and differences in all education contexts worldwide, including pre-K-12 and postsecondary settings. This forum also creates opportunities for IS members to advocate for students, while providing a platform for  other members to examine issues of professional concern, as well as promote, and disseminate research related to supporting these diverse learners at all levels.  

In addition, this newsletter should support the mission of the Supporting Students with Disabilities Interest Section.  Mission: “TESOL’s Supporting Students with Disabilities Interest Section (SSDIS) strives to promote understanding of the unique challenges of English learners with disabilities and promote effective pedagogical strategies to meet these needs. We seek to achieve this mission through accessible professional development activities and collaborative research across the fields within and adjacent to TESOL.”


Difference and Disability Matters is written for  in-teachers, teacher-researchers, teacher-educators, pre-service teachers, administrators, and other specialists from across all nations, institutions, and levels (Pre-K through 12, two-year colleges, universities, community programs, international K-12 schools,  ESL/EFL etc.).


The primary goal of this newsletter is inclusivity of perspectives and voices on topics relevant to supporting language learners with disabilities and differences. We strive to be an equitable and inclusive outlet and as such welcome non-native English speaker contributions as well as submissions in a variety of media in addition to writing. The newsletter strives to achieve balance in the following areas:
  • Articles, brief reports, and announcements that address the concerns of those working with diverse students with disabilities and differences in ESL and EFL settings.
  • Voices from the field pieces, which showcase educators in the field and what they are doing to support diverse learners.
  • Practical articles directly applicable to classroom/program situations and discussion of larger issues surrounding supporting diverse students.
  • Both advocacy for and critical examination of issues relevant to supporting diverse learners and creating equitable and inclusive classroom environments.

Submission Guidelines

To submit an article to Difference and Disability Matters, please read the submission guidelines

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