Action Agenda for the Future of the TESOL Profession

Action Agenda Image 1TESOL professionals are often not involved in the decision-making that drives English language policy, high-stakes assessment, materials development, research, and practice. To change that, in 2017 TESOL International Association spearheaded the Summit on the Future of the TESOL Profession. The summit helped shape a strategic conversation intended to set a course for the future.

The ideas, recommendations, conclusions, and outcomes conceived at the summit have been synthesized into a Action Agenda for the Future of the TESOL Profession. (An executive summary is also available).

The agenda is intended to serve as a guiding framework for the TESOL profession at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

TESOL International Association calls on the broad, diverse community of TESOL professionals and stakeholders to implement this action agenda globally, in all contexts, so that English language instruction, research, policy, and materials will
  • reflect the knowledge and expertise of the TESOL profession,
  • enhance English language instruction and improve language skills for learners, and
  • empower TESOL professionals and the English learners they serve.
For more information about the Action Agenda, please contact TESOL Advocacy.