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Call for Volunteers: Affiliate Task Force

TESOL International Association is pleased to announce the members of the  Affiliate Task Force.

Task Force Members

ATF Chair
Richmond Stroupe, JALT

ATF Members

Brock Brady, WATESOL
Melanie Gobert, TESOL Arabia
Gabriela Kleckova, ATECR
Judy O’Loughlin, CATESOL
Helen Solorzano, MATSOL
Misty Adoniou, Board Representative
Valerie Borchelt, Staff Representative


The task force is charged with conducting research on forms and functions of affiliation programs in contemporary associations, and presenting options to the Board of Directors. As part of their work, the task force should include input from TESOL affiliates, and identify strategies to foster strong communication and knowledge-sharing between TESOL and its affiliates.

The Board of Directors seeks to create an affiliation program that
  • supports a mutually beneficial and collaborative relationship between TESOL International Association and its affiliates
  • advances TESOL International Association’s goals, strategic direction, and growth
  • assists TESOL International Association in cultivating knowledge and information about the field and the profession around the world
  • provides for forms and activities relevant to the needs of different groups (i.e. not a “one-size-fits-all” model).
  • aligns with, and advances, the association’s strategic plan


The task force shall submit a report to the Board of Directors that includes
  • a summary of their research into different models and structures for similar types of programs in contemporary associations, including a list of pros and cons for each
  • a summary of input collected from affiliates about the relationship with TESOL International Association
  • alternative models and structures that might be applied to TESOL’s affiliation program
  • processes for communication and knowledge-sharing between affiliates and TESOL, including any possible roles or functions as they might relate to TESOL governance

 Final Report

The ATF Final Report presents ideas generated by the ATF based on their research of other associations’ models and the views of TESOL affiliate leaders.