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TESOL Association Leadership Chronology 4

Download a graphic representation of TESOL Association Leadership Chronology 4.

2003–2006: Bilingual Education Interest Section

The Bilingual Education Interest Section (BEIS) provided my introduction to the field of TESOL, and TESOL as an organization. The then-leadership consisted of long-standing BEIS members and true leaders in the field of ESL/bilingual education, and BEIS thus provided a great environment for mentorship and leadership models. This group encouraged me to apply for further leadership roles.

Proposal Reviewer

Being a proposal reviewer is one of the most manageable forms of engagement. It is a time-limited, meaningful service to the profession and to the organization. I enjoy doing this work because I learn a lot from each proposal and it gives me a sense of the new developments in the field.

2005–2007: Nominating Committee

Serving on the Nominating Committee was the first time I participated at the broader TESOL level with an eye on the whole organization. At the time, the committee’s work was intensive over a short period of time. The importance of selecting the right candidates with the right skill set for their specific roles in the association became clear to me during this time.

2008–2011: Board of Directors

Serving on the TESOL Board of Directors was a significant leadership and growth opportunity for me, personally and professionally. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of the board members made the work both fascinating and challenging, as we worked together and learned to think strategically and along the lines of policy rather than operations. An amazing community.

2016–2017: TESOL President-Elect

This year I am observing and learning about the association from the perspective of the incoming president-elect. Both the micro and macro dimensions of this next leadership role are becoming clearer, and I am grateful for the administrative experiences I have had at my institution prior to taking on this new leadership role. It carries a significant commitment of time and effort as well as the ability to keep track of the many amazing things that are happening in the association.