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​Call for Volunteers: 2018-2019 Awards Professional Council

TESOL International Association is seeking individuals to serve on the Awards Professional Council. The positions will be for one year beginning in ​April 2018, renewable twice annually for up to three years of service. The deadline to apply is 18 February 201​8.

About the Awards Professional Council

The Awards Professional Council coordinates the review and selection of TESOL awards and grants that have been approved by the TESOL Board of Directors, except the Presidents' Award and the James E. Alatis Award for Service to TESOL. ​Council members work with TESOL staff to publicize TESOL awards and grants, and may be charged with additional responsibilities by the Board of Directors.

More information on the responsibilities and duties of the Awards Professional Council is available in its charter.

Skills Needed

  • Ability to stay organized and on track
  • Strategic communications
  • Timeliness and prompt
  • People management
  • Ability to read and understand detailed instructions
  • Teamwork skills


Council members are expected to attend the annual convention and participate in all ​council meetings.
During the year, members agree to coordinate an award, a grant, or a special effort (e.g., publicity). Coordination activities include:

  • Recruiting volunteers to review applications
  • Serving as an award reviewer (and in some cases as a tiebreaker)
  • Assessing and administering the award review process
  • Serving as a liaison between the committee and selected TESOL members, staff, and external groups (e.g. sponsors)
Time commitment is roughly of 5-10 hours per month.

How to Apply

For consideration, please submit an application through the online form by Sunday18 February 2018.