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Interest Section Task Force

TESOL International Association is pleased to announce the members of the Interest Section Task Force:

Task Force Members

ISTF Chair
Joe McVeigh, Material Writers & Intensive English Program Interest Section 

ISTF Members
Elisabeth Chan, Social Responsibility Interest Section
Kristin Hiller, Program Administration Interest Section  
Tamara Jones, Speech, Pronunciation, and Listening Interest Section & ISLC member
Todd Ruecker, Second Language Writing Interest Section 
Justin Shewell, Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section 
Aya Matsuda, Board Representative
Sarah Sahr, Staff Representative  


The task force is charged with researching forms and functions of knowledge-based member communities in contemporary associations. Based on this research, the task force will report on models and structures for knowledge-based member communities that will help the Board of Directors create a structure that
  • cultivates of knowledge for the field 
  • increases members' ability to identify and discuss professional issues relevant to their areas of interest
  • provides the means for sharing this knowledge and information within the association at all levels
  • provides current information on issues within the field to both leadership and staff to inform the programming and activities of the association
  • provides for creation of groups in forms relevant to their roles and functions (i.e. not a “one-size-fits-all” model)
  • supports a leadership pipeline for members
  • maximizes the benefits from time and financial investment of members in TESOL International Association governance.
  • aligns with, and advances, the association’s strategic plan


The task force shall submit a report to the Board of Directors that includes
  • a summary of their research into different models and functions of knowledge-based communities within contemporary associations, including a list of pros and cons for each, as well as any best practices 
  • an analysis of TESOL Interest Sections that builds on the findings of the Governance Review Task Force
  • a list of possible functions for knowledge-based member communities (such as interest sections) within TESOL International Association
  • options for the Board to consider on how these communities could be organized within TESOL International Association (both formally and informally)
  • options on how knowledge and information can be shared within the association at all levels, including communication with the Board of Directors

Final Report

This ISTF Final Report presents ideas generated by the ISTF based on their research of other associations’ models and the views of TESOL members.