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Serve on the Affiliate Network Professional Council

TESOL International Association is seeking individuals to serve on the Affiliate Network Professional Council (ANPC). The term for these appointments will be from 1 November 2022 to 31 October 2023, with the option to renew at the end of the appointment. The maximum continuous service period on the ANPC is three years.

To be eligible, you must be a member of TESOL International Association and have served in a leadership position in an affiliate association within the past five years. The duration of your position must be complete before serving on the ANPC. If you are currently serving on a professional council or in some other leadership position (e.g., interest section leader or elected leader of an affiliate), you must finish your term of service before you can serve on the ANPC. Simultaneous service in leadership positions is not permitted.

About the Affiliate Network Professional Council

The Affiliate Network Professional Council (ANPC) supports TESOL International Association by helping to build and sustain a robust Affiliate Network. The ANPC advises on initiatives and activities that advance the association’s strategic direction through the Affiliate Network, helps to shape the Affiliate Network, and facilitates clear and timely communication between and among affiliate associations and the TESOL Board of Directors.

More information on the responsibilities and duties of the ANPC is available in its charter.  Visit TESOL’s website for more information about the TESOL Affiliate Network. 

Size of Council: up to 10 members

Expertise and Experience Needed

The ANPC seeks the following attributes, experience, knowledge, and/or skills:
  • Service in the leadership of an affiliate association in the past five years.
  • Familiarity with TESOL International Association’s partnership with its affiliates.
  • Network of geographically and culturally diverse affiliate contacts.
  • Commitment to communication and knowledge sharing.
  • Ability and willingness to facilitate and support the collection of information on emerging professional issues.
  • Capacity to work with others, often in different time zones and locations around the globe, through emails, shared documents, and conference calls.
  • Clear verbal and written communication.
  • Timeliness, with an adherence to deadlines


The ANPC works on projects throughout the calendar year. In addition to online collaborations, the council meets most months by conference call. Council members are expected to dedicate up to 10 hours on average per month to the work of the council. The number of hours may vary depending on the time of year and status of projects.

Responsibilities and Duties

The ANPC reports to the TESOL Board of Directors and collaborates with staff to facilitate activities that support the Affiliate Network. It will also provide oversight and advice for projects pursued as part of this partnership.

The ANPC works as a team and in committees to complete its ongoing tasks as well as annual and developing projects.

The ANPC shall
  • assist with procedural elements to develop and maintain the Affiliate Network
  • review and revise additional criteria as needed for joining and remaining in the Affiliate Network.
  • facilitate methods to collect and share information on emerging professional issues through the Affiliate Network.
  • facilitate communication between and among TESOL International Association and affiliate associations.
  • support networking and professional development events for leaders within the Affiliate Network.
  • support, facilitate, and advise on collaborations with affiliate associations. 
Specific activities currently organized by the ANPC include direct contact with an assigned number of affiliates, a semi-annual newsletter and the organization of workshops at the annual TESOL Convention & English Language Expo. The ANPC also engages with affiliates throughout the year through webinars and online discussions. Additionally, the ANPC is working on a best practices resource library.
To achieve these responsibilities and duties, the council members are expected to
  • attend the annual TESOL International Convention face to face or virtually (highly recommended).
    • participate in the TESOL Leadership Forum one day before the convention and the council team meeting during the convention.
    • attend the Town Meeting and the TESOL Annual Business Meeting at the convention.
  • participate in conference calls.
  • actively participate in online discussions and committee assignments.
  • collaborate on shared documents by designated deadlines.
  • respond to requests from TESOL International Association entities for comment and feedback on issues and matters that arise relating to the Affiliate Network.
  • work in a timely manner.
  • perform other tasks as necessary.


The deadline to apply is 12 September.

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