Research Mentoring Workshop – Connecting Teaching and Inquiry


Tuesday, 21 March 2023, 3:00–5:00 pm US Pacific Time


This two-hour workshop supports practitioners and scholars aspiring to or already engaging in classroom-based inquiry. Organized by the TESOL Research Professional Council (RPC), presenters first briefly introduce participants to the TESOL Research Agenda.   

This session focuses on transforming school experiences into data. Participants will be introduced to: 

  • Navigating school contexts and planning classroom-based research (20 minutes followed by Q&A/discussion). 
  • Developing research questions from pedagogical experiences (15 minutes followed by Q&A/discussion). 
  • Implementing Augmented Reality (AR) as a tool to investigate students' cultural knowledge (15 minutes followed by Q&A/discussion). 

Guest Speakers

Meredith McConnochie and Eileen González (University of St. Joseph, CT, USA) will share their work conducting classroom-based research and developing an innovative MA TESOL program that engages in-service teachers with ethnographic research in their schools. They will discuss ways of navigating challenges such as IRB approval, building relationships, planning, collecting, and analyzing data, and guide participants through the process of drafting their own plans for conducting classroom-based research using templates that break down the process. 

Attendees should anticipate small group discussions; handouts will be distributed at the session. 

RPC Speakers and Facilitators

Jessie Curtis (RPC Chair), Rutgers University, USA 
Antonella Valeo, York University, Canada 
Stella Hadjistassou, KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence, University of Cyprus, Cyprus  


 Advance: 1 MarchOn-site: After 1 March
Registration Fee$45$55

You do not have to register for the full TESOL convention to attend this workshop, but you do have to register for this event through the convention registration form.


If you have questions about the workshop, please contact TESOL Professional Learning.